An overview of the republic of lebanon

Lebanon's history since independence has been marked by alternating periods of political stability and prosperity based on Beirut 's position as a regional center for finance and trade, interspersed with political turmoil and armed conflict Arab—Israeli WarLebanese Civil War —, Cedar RevolutionLebanon WarLebanon conflict—08 Lebanese protestsconflict in Lebanonand since Syrian Civil War spillover.

The relocation of Palestinian bases also led to increasing sectarian tensions between Palestinians versus the Maronites and other Lebanese factions. On 1 SeptemberFrance reestablished Greater Lebanon after the Moutasarrifiya rule removed several regions belonging to the Principality of Lebanon and gave them to Syria.

Lebanon country profile

Archaeologists discovered remnants of prehistoric huts with crushed limestone floors, primitive weapons, and burial jars left by the Neolithic and Chalcolithic fishing communities who lived on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea over 7, years ago.

After the crisis, a new government was formed, led by the popular former general Fuad Chehab.

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It returned in September after the assassination of Bashir Gemayel and subsequent fighting. The Parliament is elected by adult suffrage majority age for election is 21 [3] based on a system of majority or "winner-take-all" for the various confessional groups. Iran and Hezbollah were still listed in the Defense Intelligence Agency's terrorism threat assessment.

Background Ottoman Empire province of Syria. No casualties were sustained in the explosion. Latest Developments in Lebanon In Julyreports disclosed that Hezbollah is building a military industry in Lebanon with the help of Iran. Nonetheless, a lively panoply of domestic political partiessome even predating independence, exists.

The revolution called for a religious Muslim government that would represent the oppressed and downtrodden. Attorney General Jeff Sessions designated Hezbollah as a transnational criminal organization that will be subject to tougher investigations and prosecutions.

Politics of Lebanon

With the dissolution of the Ottoman EmpireGreater Lebanon fell under French mandate inand gained independence under president Bechara El Khoury in Israeli intelligence now believes that Hezbollah has completely rearmed itself from the war and has even enhanced its weapons stock further, despite UNIFIL's presence.

During the 11th century the Druze faith emerged from a branch of Shia Islam. A multinational force of American, French and Italian contingents joined in by a British contingent were deployed in Beirut after the Israeli siege of the cityto supervise the evacuation of the PLO.

Though Islam and the Arabic language were officially dominant under this new regime, the general populace nonetheless only gradually converted from Christianity and the Syriac language.

A senior Hezbollah member was responsible for loading the weapons onto the ship. Asia is a key target for Hezbollah, and Hezbollah has been pulling Malaysians and Indonesians into the organzation to expand operations and terrorist attacks around the world.

As part of the Levantit was part of numerous succeeding empires throughout ancient history, including the EgyptianAssyrianBabylonianAchaemenid PersianHellenisticRoman and Sasanid Persian empires.

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It is thought that the attack was carried out as a response to an Israeli air strike inside of Syria the week before that killed five Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian general. Init participated in elections for the first time, winning 12 out of seats in parliament.

Unlike most other Christian communities in the Eastern Mediterraneanwho swore allegiance to Constantinople or other local patriarchs, the Maronites proclaimed allegiance to the Pope in Rome. The assessment, presented to the U. One reason for the new construction is that Israel has successfully interdicted a number of shipments of weapons from Syria.

The new parliament will select the future prime minister. In Februarythe Palestinian Authority accused Hezbollah of attempting to derail the truce signed with Israel.

While Hezbollah is known to have a large quantity of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, the IDF now assumes that the Lebanese Islamist group has received the SA-8, a truck-mounted Russian tactical surface- to-air missile system reported to have a range of 30 kilometers.

Republic of Lebanon

A constitution was adopted on 25 May establishing a democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. During this time, Iran and Syria both financially supported Hezbollah, facilitating its military growth to help enable it to fight Israel with more precision and lethality.

The following day Israeli officials received a correspondence from a United Nations peacekeeping force operating in Lebanon, claiming that Hezbollah was not interested in any further escalation of conflict.

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Hezbollah: History & Overview

Article 78 of the UN Charter ended the status of tutelage for any member state: The mandate was ended by the declaration of the mandatory power, and of the new states themselves, of their independence, followed by a process of piecemeal unconditional recognition by other powers, culminating in formal admission to the United Nations.

One of the key issues facing Lebanon is the economic and social impact of the Syrian crisis, now in its eighth year.

According to government and independent sources, up to million Syrians, about a quarter of the Lebanese population, have taken refuge in Lebanon since the conflict erupted in March Overview First launched inthe Corruption Perceptions Index has been widely credited with putting the issue of corruption on the international policy agenda.

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Beirut, Lebanon's capital, is built on a small peninsula; the growth of the city eastwards is bounded by foothills of the more mountainous interior of Lebanon (upper right). Beirut has been an urban center for 5, years. This page aims to give you a broad overview of Lebanon's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.

Official Sites of Lebanon Republic of Lebanon - The Presidential Palace The Presidency of the Lebanese Republic. Lebanese Parliament. Baltimore Aircoil is the leading global manufacturer of Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, and Ice Thermal Storage Systems.

An overview of the republic of lebanon
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