Hotels and the environment

Nanuku employs an on-site Fijian marine scientist who spearheads hands-on ecological sustainability offerings for guests including planting coral nurseries, reef conservation, and Mangrove replanting.

Best Lodging in Hanoi, Vietnam (with Prices)

The rooms are clean and the hotel itself is in good shape. Resort hotels Wynn Las VegasUnited States Some hotels are built specifically as a destination in itself to create a captive trade, example at casinosamusement parks and holiday resorts.

Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Hotels. These are similar to transit hotels in that they appeal to travelers, however, unlike transit hotels, they do not eliminate the need to go through Customs. It's also less than five minutes from Patong Beach, meaning you have easy beach access from the hotel.

Rooms here are clean and modern, with comfortable queen sized beds and plenty of space. The pricing at this hotel is very fair, making it one of the best value for money options in Patong.

The rooms are comfortable but not amazing -- something that's made up for by the location and pricing. Patong Hemingway's Hotel Recommended. Expat Hotel Expat Hotel is a great affordable hotel in the Patong area.

Recommended if you want to be close to the nightlife and don't mind a slightly noisy environment in the evening. Despite being in a nightlife area, the inside of the hotel is quiet and noise isn't an issue. The resort itself is beautiful, with a huge swimming pool and modern, luxurious rooms.

Transit Hotel Transit hotels are short stay hotels typically used at international airports where passengers can stay while waiting to change airplanes.

The rooms are spacious although the cheaper ones don't have windows and the location next to the beach is very tough to beat. If you plan on spending a lot of time at the hotel, it's worth paying a little extra for the Deluxe Double Room with Balcony, which offers a little more space.

Full-service Full service hotels often provide a wide array of guest services and on-site facilities. If you can tolerate the slightly older rooms or just want to be right beside the beach, this is a good place to stay.

Motel A motelan abbreviation for "motor hotel", is a small-sized low-rise lodging establishment similar to a limited service, lower-cost hotel, but typically with direct access to individual rooms from the car park. New motel construction is rare in the s as hotel chains have been building economy-priced, limited service franchised properties at freeway exits which compete for largely the same clientele, largely saturating the market by the s.

Overall, one of the best mid-priced guest friendly hotels in the Patong area and highly recommended as a place to stay if you're on a moderate budget and want to be close to the nightlife. There are several good restaurants and cafes around the hotel, making it easy to pop out to eat at any time.

The first recorded purpose-built railway hotel was the Great Western Hotelwhich opened adjacent to Reading railway station inshortly after the Great Western Railway opened its line from London. The rooms here are comfortable and spacious, with some even featuring jacuzzis.

For those hotels looking to do even more, consider loaning or renting bicycles to guests, or look into installing a bike-sharing station. Overall, a good place to stay if you're renting a scooter and want some privacy.

Bed Time Patong Hotel Another good value for money option, Bed Time Patong has spacious rooms that are clean and comfortable, a rooftop pool and a good location less than 10 minutes away from Patong Beach. Cleaning up the Shoreline: Easily one of the best mid-priced places to stay in Patong, especially if you go for one of the larger Jacuzzi Rooms or suites.

Rooms here are spacious, clean and modern, with large beds and nice soft mattresses. Every room has a small balcony that's perfect for relaxing during the daytime.

Rooms here are a little on the small side and feel somewhat dated compared to other hotels, although the overall experience is good. The staff are friendly and the service is good, plus the very affordable pricing makes this a good value for money option.

Overall, a good option that's not too far from the nightlife, but not in the center of the action either. The rooms here are simple and minimalist, but tastefully decorated and very comfortable to stay in. Other than the location, this is a great hotel.

Top photo courtesy of Turtle Bay Resort. Another highly rated small hotel, Baipho Lifestyle Hotel is less than two minutes away from Patong's most popular nightlife on Bangla Road. A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

Guest Friendly Hotels in Phuket

Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flat screen television, and en-suite, lower-priced hotels may offer only the most basic guest.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts offers the best rates on a collection of over independent hotels worldwide. Aug 29,  · A colleague recently went on vacation and returned puzzling about whether she had been a good steward of the Earth during her hotel stay.

She wanted to. Learn about the positive environmental impact Marriott International is making today. We're building sustainable hotels and going green across the globe. 1 Safer Choice has verified that these products meet the Safer Choice Criteria for Fragrance-Free Products.

2 Safer Choice encourages limiting direct releases to the environment.


Where marketed for outdoor use, Safer Choice-labeled products must contain chemicals that meet the Safer Choice Criteria for Chemicals in Direct Release Products.

Sustain responsible operations We have an even greater obligation to operate responsibly with our expanding global presence. While integrating sustainability across our value chain and mitigating climate-related risk, we are working to reduce our environmental impact, build and operate sustainable hotels and source responsibly.

Hotels and the environment
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Honoring Earth Day: Eight Ways Hotels Are Helping to Protect the Environment