The great influence of video games to the mental and learning process of the younger generaton

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From s classics such as Taito's Space Invaders, to quintessentially s mascots Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara Croft, to the more-recent but culturally ubiquitous Minecraft, the 15 contenders represent a vast range of video game styles, periods and technologies.

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Determining the functional and non-functional requirements for WIS thus becomes virtually impossible. The impact of digital games in education by Begoña Gros In recent years, electronic games, home computers, and the Internet have assumed an important place in the lives and children and adolescents.

If they are learning Korean its not that they are averse to Indian languages but they learnt it out of curiosity. or by the games and tacts of a superior intellect group. It is time we start reading. But in this process is there any concrete achievement??? If we all start asking question I don't think it will be never ending questions.

Parents have expressed concerns on the influence on video games on the psychological and social behaviour of children (Gunter,p35). Most video games have parental control through which the type, intensity and mode of play can be controlled by parents.

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McKay, and Michael B. Duke Ly. The current study examined electrical brain activations in adolescent participants playing three different video games.


Forty-five school aged children (M= years, SD=) were randomly assigned to play either a violent game, non-violent game, or a non-violent. FALL Vol No.3 Rachel Isaacs Builds a Community Wilderness Mishap Tests COOT Leaders Steve Whelpley Rows with the Best In Colombia with Winifred Tate Itâs 3 a.m.

The great influence of video games to the mental and learning process of the younger generaton
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